So You Want To Get In...

You'll have to find something for me first

1. Open Google Maps

2. You will start at the old farmers barn 2643 Mountain Rd
Torrington, Connecticut

3. Take a right as if you were pulling out of the farm 

4. Keep going straight, you will pass a tight bend in the road keep going 

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 12.28.00

5. Check out that old bookmobile keep going straight

6. You will pass a white house soon after take a right at the grass island

7. There will be a serene pond to your left keep going straight

8. You will take the first left. There is a big brown power pole with a white stripe at its base at the intersection

9. To your right will be a summer  camp keep going till the end of the road then take a right

10. Keep going down this road until you reach a lake

11. Enjoy The View!

The code is the first three letters of the street you are currently on