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Home Away From Home

A New Approach to Luggage

Market Research:

1.73 million people fly each

day just in the US $28 Billion
worth of luggage is sold each
year in the US

This number is projected to
reach 38.9 Billion in 2027 due

“Casual/Regular Use Bags
market will be reset to a new
normal which going forward in
a post COVID-19 era will
be continuously redefined and
redesigned” - Businesswire

Problem Statement:

Travelers have to constantly live out of their tightly packed suitcases when they are away from home. It's nearly impossible to stay efficient and organized. Many times just to find something it's inevitable to create a huge mess.

Image by Artur Tumasjan


  Must be ultra light
  Must be sturdy and reusable
  Must allow for easy access and
  Must be safe for all to use

  Must have style
  Must be able to take a drop
  Must be simple and quick to
  deploy then strike

Cargo Airplane

Target Market // Story

Business Travelers

Recreational Travelers


Home Away From Home is for the person that seeks to reimagine the way they travel.

Whether a professional who
lives out of their suitcase or a nomad traveling the world, we help you stay organized and efficient enhancing your experience.

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Home Away From Home.

A collapsable hardshell

suitcase which folds up to

function just as a dresser


Allows for clothes to stay

wrinkle free and increase

capacity by compressing

via the shelves

Carry On Model

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Full Size Model